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4 December
atomic funky town~
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♥ about me
I’m Ashiya. I’m 18 y.o. and I study at Design Fac
i’ve black hair, blue eyes (in darkness, they become black as i badly see o_O)
I’m very cheerful, positive person, but I’m very lazy Т~Т
yeah.. I like to listen music, to watch anime and drama. i constantly sleep and if i don’t sleep, i’m eatin’.. i like chocolate, сoffee-milk, apples n' orange juice <33
I like to draw and make designs for sites ^__^
And i don’t like study = _ = but, nevertheless, I like to learn languages ^^

♥ more stuff
My friends think what i’m looking like a boy o_O
Very lovely boy, i hope haha
I constantly look in a mirror cuz i wonder about my face O_O i think it’s weird XD
I love the Kansai dialect haha~
But this dialect is very lovely, ne~?

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Social capital

  • less than 10