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Requests time

just though i can draw anything for you^^
just leave a comment or send me a message)
well, then.

you can choose a fandom and chara (or 2 chara - light yaoi):
☆ Prince of Tennis
☆ Loveless
☆ Junjou Romantica
☆ Ouran High School Host Club
☆ Natsume Yuujinchou
☆ Pandora Hearts
☆ Kuroshitsuji
☆ or JE band (KAT-TUN, NewS, Hey!Say!JUMP, Kanjani8, plz not old band, i listen them, but can't draw XDDD)

then you can choose a mood: romantic or funny, dark or kawaii, etc~

i'll post art in my dA gallery so look forward.

ah! it's totally FREE now. (such opportunity won't be more~ XD)



the usual >w>

wait, you've done a lot of ChitoZai.

I want, umm... Atobe and Otori and uke Shishido :>!
you're hentai! XDDDD

maybe just new ChitoZai will be fi~ne? ФωФ

i feel so pitiful to Shishido XDDDD

I approve of this request.
Atobe, Ootori and Shishido?

i don't say anything about THREE person! >.<

only for gakuroshi. cause i love her for my ChitoZai desease XDD